Scholarship and Mini-Grant Program

Front Porch is pleased to support local students, educators and non-profit agencies.

Non-Profit Mini-Grant Program

Front Porch is active in our community, supporting the non-profit agencies that provide assistance and development. Grants are available to Tuolumne County non-profit 501c(3) organizations awarded for worthy projects that contribute to the quality of life in Tuolumne County in human services, recreation, arts and education.

Math and Science Scholarship

To help local students pursue their goal of getting a math or science degree, Front Porch gives out five $16,000 scholarships each year (paid in annual installments of $4,000 per year for four years). We make many investments, but none are more important to us than investing in the next generation’s education and opportunity.

Educational Mini-Grant Program

Grants are available to public and private educators, including charter and home schools, in Tuolumne County for use with students in grades kindergarten through twelfth. The Front Porch Mini-Grant Program was established to support education endeavors specifically in the areas of science, mathematics, and the arts.

Mini-Grant Qualifications and Criteria

Education Mini-Grants:

  • Applicants must be currently educating one or more students, grades K-12, in Tuolumne County.
  • The project, event, or activity must promote education in the area of science, mathematics, or the arts.

Non-Profit Community Mini-Grant:

  • Projects must be for the benefit of Tuolumne County residents.
  • The project, event, or activity must promote community well-being, meet basic human needs or provide enrichment in recreation, arts or education.

All Grants:

  • The financial need must be clearly defined.
  • All awarded mini-grant monies must go directly towards the approved project or activity.
  • Grant monies cannot be used on food or beverages.
  • Recipients must agree to submit a written follow-up (within 60 days of completion) describing the successes or difficulties of the approved project, event or activity to aid Front Porch in future grant giving.

Members of the Front Porch Funding Committee will review all applications. All applicants that meet the listed criteria will be considered. Granting is at the sole discretion of the Front Porch Funding Committee.

About the Front Porch Foundation

Front Porch is committed to serving the Tuolumne County community through financial support and volunteer service. As a company, Front Porch gives financially to promote education and meet the basic needs of our community. As individuals, Front Porch employees share their time and skills to help others.